About Psychotherapy

The belief that people who are in therapy are "crazy" or "damaged" is false. The most common demographic of therapy-goers includes everyday people who are suffering from ordinary human problems (financial stress, family conflicts, poor anger management). Only a small percentage of people undergoing therapy have serious mental illnesses. It is a fairly difficult and personal decision for people to begin therapy. This may be due to fear of being judged,  not trusting others, or bad experiences in the past with other therapists. Often times, it may be challenging to talk about personal issues and traumatic events, and to begin to explore emotions related to those experiences can be difficult or intimidating.  

However, therapy can provide a way to express feelings, understand patterns of thinking, and gain perspective on past events. Therapy can also provide insight into current relationships and allow you to set goals for the future of your dreams. Therapy can help alleviate pain and suffering and add meaning and richness to your life. All creditable therapists seek to improve their clients’ mental health and to act as a confidential careful listeners.