"My daughter started seeing Diala for anxiety because she was unable to stay in the classroom. Diala explained anxiety disorders to us and it was so helpful in understanding what our daughter was going through. She was nervous about starting therapy but after their initial meeting, she began asking when she would return to see Diala. She learned about anxiety and was able to tell us how she was feeling. Using the tools she learned, she was able to stay in class and her grades improved drastically. So thankful for the progress she made. -TANA and JOE

"My 11 year old son started seeing Diala after a few incidents at school and vandalizing property with his peers. He was not happy about starting therapy and gave us an extremely difficult time going. When he met Diala, he felt less angry and more willing to try to get help for his behaviors. After a few sessions, Diala informed us that our son has Attention Deficit Disorder. We consulted with the school and his primary care doctor. After a few months, he was officially diagnosed and put on medication. His grades drastically improved and we have had fewer incidents!". MARIA

"We were referred to Diala by a friend who took her child to see her for anxiety. My daughter was in counseling for a year with another therapist. We didn't feel like we were getting anywhere with the therapist. My daughter was able to breathe and go to her room for breaks but her anxiety and tantrums were just as frequent as they were prior to treatment.  After the initial session with Diala, we understood what anxiety does to a child and my daughter felt so comfortable talking to her about her worries and fears. Diala helped my daughter learn to catch her "bullying thoughts" and rationalize them. After a few weeks, my daughter was showing such great progress. If your child is anxious and not making any progress, I urge you to try Diala. She not only gave my daughter relaxation strategies but she also helped her think healthier". - JOHANNA

"I started seeing Diala after a traumatic incident in my life. My friends worked with her for their daughter and recommended her. I was very hesitant to start therapy because I have been in therapy in the past and never felt comfortable sharing my personal life with anyone. After meeting Diala, I was able to disclose some of my deepest struggles in the first appointment. I had never disclosed my past and I can't make sense as to why I was able to but I finally felt comfortable enough that I talked. She helped me be free from my inner struggles and I am so grateful for it. She has always been there for me. I just wish she was a family member so I can talk to her anytime I want."  -SARAH, 27 years old

"I was referred to Diala by my niece's school counselor. My niece has been living with us for several months after an incident at home with her parents, who were both now in rehab. My niece was having difficulties with the change and transition to a new school. Diala was able to see her at school, talk to her teachers and counselor, and helped her go through the transition. She communicated with me frequently if there were any concerns. So grateful for this referral."  -NANCY

"My son is 5 years old and I was having extreme difficulties managing his behaviors at home and in public. He is an angle at school but would throw major fits in public. Diala met with him several times to see if he has ADHD or something else. After a few sessions, Diala helped me understand the importance of setting rules and consequences and actually following through with my punishments. She shared her own stories about being a mom and it helped me to not feel like a failure as a mom. After a few months, my sons behaviors have been improving. I have been following through and setting boundaries. I felt guilty that their dad was not in their lives so I tried to make up for it with things. That was not the answer. Thank you Diala for making me a better mom for my boys".  -JENNIFER

"My 7 year old son started seeing Diala for few months after he became so fearful of choking that he refused to eat or go outdoors. Diala explained anxiety to both of us and helped my son get through this. After a few weeks, he did great and stopped worrying about choking. It was so hard to see my son having such a hard time. Diala made it easier for us during such a difficult time. My son still has little anxieties but now we know what to say and do to get through the day".  - DANNY

"My teenage daughter started seeing Diala for bullying at school. She was angry and resistant to seeing a therapist. Diala told us in the initial meeting that we just had to bring her in once to meet her and we did just that. After that session, she was willing to go and we are so happy for it. Diala contacted the school about the bullying and was a strong advocate for my daughter who became suicidal through it all. Diala informed us of other schooling options and my daughter went to a different school which was better suited for her. She is now working at that school and graduating. I believe that my daughter is alive because of it. She was in a bad place at her school. So glad to see my daughter happy again".   -JULIA

"I was referred to Diala by a friend who saw her recently. I had been diagnosed with manic-depressive disorder as a teenager but didn't understand my diagnosis or the medication I was put on. Diala taught me about Bipolar Disorder, helped me learn to identify my symptoms and the medications I was on. I am grateful because I understand who I am and why I struggle the way I have for many years. Knowledge is power. I learned that from Diala. Thank you so much".   -MICHELLE, 40 years young